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Bringing You Our Latest Hair Tips Directly From Olivier

Washing your hair

First, wet your hair thoroughly, then take a small amount of shampoo (about the size of a ten pence) and spread it in your hands. Wash your scalp only - don't lather your hair. When you rinse, the shampoo running through your hair will be enough to cleanse it.You will, in that way, avoid static, fly away hair and retain more body and gloss!

Using the correct type of shampoo will also help. Our range of paraben free shampoos from Sexy Hair (Starting at £11.95 for 300ml) eliminates the problem of 'filmy' build-up, leaving your hair feeling weightless and clean.

Conditioning your hair

Squeeze the water from your hair. Take a small amount of conditioner/mask and apply it to the ponytail (your lengths and ends) and comb through. Rinse.

NOTE 1 - do not apply conditioner directly to your roots.
NOTE 2 - If using a mask, the longer you leave it, the better!
Sexy Hair conditioners are £13.95 for 300ml.
Mythic Oil masques are £18.99 for 200ml.

Styling your hair

For a smooth blow - dry: Towel dry your hair to remove as much water as possible. Apply a volume spray to your roots (one of our best-sellers is the L'Oréal Volumetry spray, retailing at £14.50) and a protective cream or spray to the lengths and ends. For shorter hair use a volume mousse instead. Blow dry as normal.
We have a selection of American brand Sexy Hair products that are excellent for blow - drying.

Alternatively, for a more natural finish, apply styling product throughout the hair and leave to dry or diffuse. Applying product to the hair even when you want a natural finish will stop your style frizzing or 'fluffing' as the day wears on - Sexy Hair's Curling Crème is ideal.

Our Hair Care range will provide you with everything you need and we're here to help if you have any queries.

Final tip

Look after your hair the way you look after your face!!!

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